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"Fearless Freedom"

At 7:30pm on Saturday, April 6th at Gospel Lighthouse Church
located at 30 LaCrosse Street in Hudson Falls, Ron will be hosting "Fearless Freedom".
This night Ron will share, through original songs, worship and personal testimony,
what he has discovered about living free in a world that seeks to bind us and
explain how he discovered that God may be even bigger, better and more loving than we realize.
Our prayer is that God will use this night to help many people find a
new level of freedom in their walk with Him...
...to find the fearless freedom offered to everyone who belongs to Jesus.

For more information give us a call at (518)747-3403 or email your question to RonBaker456@gmail.com.
See below for a sneak peek of some of what Ron will be sharing during this exciting evening:

Both the truths and the lies that we believe shape how we perceive things. A truth looked at through
the filter of a lie can be easily distorted into another lie. Seeing the truth without those lies in
the way can allow us to see Godís love in a whole new way.

Lies I have believed:
1. I am too messed up for God to love me.
2. I am going to stop sinning and just serve God.
3. I need to be pure in order for God to use me.
4. Gods blessings in my life are based in large part on my behavior.
5. God needs me.

For instance, if I believe either of a couple of different lies in the list above then I am going to
be performance-oriented in my faith, always working to gain Gods approval. Then, when the strength fails
and a let-down occurs (which will happen) it is very easy for that person to feel defeated. Then, they hear from the pulpit
that week about how God desires them to be holy and hates their sin (which is true), and when they hear it through
the filter of the lie they believe it becomes an indictment against them, instead of words of advice on how to live
from a loving father, designed to protect them and motivate them to seek out His best for their life.

Only when we are able to see through those lies to get at the truth about who we are
can we understand our place in this world and how God really feels about His people.
Then we can begin to experience the fearless freedom God intended.

Since we already know that the devil is the father of lies (John 8:44) and intends to deceive us at every turn
it should come as no surprise that the lies we believe about who God is and how He feels about us can
very subtly color the way we think, feel and act in many different situations.
Each of the lies we discover lose their power - as long as we remember them!
Are there any lies you believe that God trying to reveal to you?

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