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Meet My Family

When I was ministering with Impact years ago I used to tell people all the time
that without my wife I would have been found dead in a ditch somewhere a long time ago.
My bride, Rebecca has stuck with me "For richer, for poorer" (and mostly the latter) for over 20 years
and I cannot say words to express how much she means to me.

She has also given me two wonderful little ladies, Emily and Annalise, and they are the most
wonderful gift I could have been given. I hope they always know how proud I am of them and how
much their dad and their God loves them (even when they think he's being a jerk!)

This is a recording of Emily's dedication that we just found cleaning out the shed.
It contains a song I only played that one time and we thought it was lost!
Hope you enjoy it!
Dedication of Emily Baker
12/9/2001 in Osprey, Fl

Annas first Sunday morning special


and a history project on the Civil War from Emily, 2012


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Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

Or enjoy my lovely ladies! This is a cute video from the NYS museum of Science and Technology
The Girls Weather Report!

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